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Crinkled Dailies: Week 15

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how to comics #2


This is your second lesson.

Grab some index cards. Don’t got no index cards? Grab some post-it notes.We’re doing six panel comics today. this is what they’ll look like.

An important note: More likely than not, your comics today won’t be anything to write home about. That’s okay, that’s not the point. 

Do the following in light pencil.

-Write the name of the last person that you spoke to on the phone with on one of the cards.
-Think of the year 1970. Write down some words to describe the images that you see in your mind on the second card.
– Draw a circle or a square in the third box.
– Draw your non-dominant hand in the 4th panel.
– Draw two human silhouettes facing each other in the 5th box.
– Write a four letter word in the last Box.
Turn the panels face down and mix them up in a pile. Flip them over and arrange them in a new order. Let chance determine this order.

Time for an intermission.

Grab a ballpoint pen or some crummy writing utensil.
Grab 6 new notecards or post its. Make 4 marks on each. Circles, squares, diagonals, spirals. It’s all good. Turn them all over. You will now turn them face up one at a time. What do you see? Draw the rest of what you see. If you don’t see anything yet, add some more random marks one at a time. Wait for it to click. Eventually you’ll have made 6 doodles. Great job.

Time for the second act.

Turn on some good instrumental music and connect the panels!

I suggest you draw in pen this time around. Feel free to erase what you need to from the original pencils in order to make this comic read relatively clearly. Add word balloons if you like. Perhaps a character? It’s your comic after all. Try to keep traces of the original ideas in each panel.

Have fun, pal.

I’m excited to see what you make! 

Crinkled Dailies: Week 14

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how to comics #1


made for a friend. thought I’d share.

Here’s your first lesson. This should take an hour.
1) comics are hard

2) comics are love

3) comics are life

Make four square boxes. However big you want. I typically make mine 2” by 2”
Put your audio player on shuffle.
Write a lyric in pencil that catches your interest in the first box. One sentence long max. Single words are OK.
Press next.
Repeat in 2nd box.
Press next.
repeat in 3rd box.
Press next.
repeat in last box.

Now make a 10 by 10 grid of 1/2” by 1/2” boxes and doodle out 100 things.  One drawing in each box. 30 seconds on each box max. If you think telephone, draw how you represent the idea of “telephone”. Fill up all those boxes. Don’t stop drawing! If you’re lucky you can get to a point where you no longer think in words.(props to Ivan Brunetti)

Now go back to your 4 boxes with lyrics. What could you draw in each box to connect these seemingly unconnected lyrics? How will you write these words? Will they be captions? Will some character say them? It’s up to you, buckaroo.

This is the puzzle. This is where your wits come in. This is the AGGROCRAG.
It is my belief that if you make the goal of your comics the communication of clever, interesting ideas, you can make comics with any level of drawing ability. If you do them for long enough and think about them long and hard enough each time, they’ll get good.

Crinkled Dailies: Week 13









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